Graphic with title of The Agile Designer Series — the Stand-up.

The agile designer series — daily stand up

What is Agile?

Why is Agile important?

Graphic showing traditional ux timelines
Traditional UX model
Graphic showing peaks and valleys representing how to work in short sprint cycels.
Agile UX model

Where do I start?

Picture of designers standing in front of a monitor during a video call
Typical design standup. Notice the “remote” designer with video feed

The Setup

  • Keep it to 15 minutes or less
  • Be clear about the agenda
  • Don‘t solve problems, just inform
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Designate someone a different person each week to lead the meeting

The Rules

  • What I did yesterday
  • What I’m doing today
  • Am I blocked?
  • Fun statement (optional)

The Scrum Master

  • What was the last thing you listened to?
  • Recommend UX/UI websites
  • Recommend podcasts
  • Worst “Dad” joke

Example emails and calendar invites

  • What you did yesterday
  • What you did today
  • Are you blocked
  • What’s your best dad joke

The Participants

Picture people standing together in a semi-circle.
Stand Up should include Design, Development and Product Owners

Things to Consider

What’s Next?



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