Creating an Experience Roadmap

The Concept

North Start, Lighthouse and Flashlight concepts


  • Create a single mission your Product does or is
  • Who are the people you’re solving problems for?
  • What are the “key” end to end workflows?
  • Why are these scenarios important?
  • What does your product not do?
  • Break down the flows into sizable chunks as defined in Lean UX written by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden
  • Think of single workflows
  • How would these roll up into a single North Star
  • Are there any technical limitations?
  • Are there any known timelines or deadlines?
  • What tasks need to be done to complete them? Research, testing, validation, etc..
  • What dependencies do you have?
  • Who would work on these?
  • What persona’s are being address?
  • What one problem are you solving?
  • How do these lead into the Lighthouse?



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Matthew Cunningham

Matthew Cunningham

I’m a design-led product owner focusing on creating innovative products and services. Opinions are my own.